What is the Initiative

Leading System Integrators and an ever-growing number of merchants will be able to choose from a large range of customized checkout optimization experiments designed to drive an increase in conversions and grow sales on your mobile site.

The Opportunity and Challenge of mCommerce

Increasingly, mobile payments are playing an important role in this eCommerce trend with mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) reaching 3.56 Trillion in 2021

While mobile devices are often applauded for the convenience they’ve introduced into our lives, the same does not hold true when it comes to mobile shopping. In fact, only 12% of consumers find mobile shopping convenient.

Despite this growth, mCommerce continues to lag behind desktop-based eCommerce conversions. Today, over 62% of site visitors come from mobile visitors while only accounting for 23% of total dollars spent.

Further, mobile shopping has the highest cart abandonment as compared to tablet and desktop shopping, with some 86% of mobile shoppers bailing during the checkout phase.

Unlike any other form of online shopping, mCommerce presents a unique set of challenges. To cross the gap, new approaches must be tested and explored to help merchants succeed.

Why the Initiative was Formed

The mCommerce Optimization Initiative was formed to understand why the gap in mobile and desktop conversions persists and to provide practical industry insights to help eCommerce providers succeed and grow their mobile sales.

This initiative provides merchants an opportunity to try free customized checkout optimization experiments on their mobile sites and gain access to useful insights into what mobile practices will likely work for them based on the results of similar participants.

Understanding that all merchant sites and their buyers are unique, this initiative does not set out to establish a rigid set of ecommerce best practices. Instead, this initiative aims to give participants useful insights into what mobile practices will likely work for them based on the results of similar participants.

Why join the Initiative?

A/B testing and conversion optimization are highly sought-after services by eCommerce merchants, but can be expensive to implement and time-consuming to identify winning improvements. Time and money that busy merchants don’t have.