About Us

Liban Awl is Founder and CEO of mCommerce.io. Liban has over 5 years in the e-commerce industry having worked as a partner of Shopify building e-commerce business for Shopify merchants all over the world. Shopify is a leading Omni-Channel Commerce Platform, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada that enables merchants to sell their products across different sales channels, including web, tablet, and mobile storefronts, social media storefronts, and brick-and-mortar and pop-up shops. Shopify’s platform provides merchants with a single view of their business, combining and synchronizing all their customer, inventory, order, product, payment, and other data that originate in different sales channels.

The platform is designed to integrate the latest technologies that a merchant needs to sell products and operate an omnichannel retail business from any device. Shopify’s high-availability, continuously deployed, multi-tenant architecture ensures that all merchants can operate with the latest features and the newest innovations without any need to patch or upgrade their software.

Liban is also Vice President of DSI Advisors, a management advisory firm, that applies technical expertise, global experience, and innovative thinking to help our partners overcome their financial and operational challenges.